Safe Families for Children-Wisconsin is dedicated to supporting local families in crisis by providing safe, secure, pre-approved, temporary homes for the children until the crisis can be resolved. Unexpected expenses, the sudden loss of a job, a devastating accident or illness, eviction from a residence, and domestic violence can plunge a family into sudden chaos. Often children become the victims of such circumstances. Safe Families for Children seeks to provide security to children from families in these situations, while the adults, with support, seek to resolve the issues.

When a crisis strikes a family with children…

When a crisis strikes a family with children, its effects can be devastating. Many of us would turn to relatives and friends for support. However, there are many families who have nobody to whom they can turn for help. This isolation causes the crisis to become even more severe.

Returning the church to the forefront of caring for children and families in crisis, Safe Families for Children provides a tangible way for church members to love their neighbors, practice hospitality, extend Christ-like compassion, and proclaim grace and mercy to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Safe Families is a team effort, not an individual ministry. Local churches and their congregations are the primary resource in the Safe Families movement, however it takes more than the church to make Safe Families run effectively. It also takes the cooperation of individual volunteers, community support services, and agencies whose job it is to assist families in need.